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ABOUT Estrogens


“Predominantly Female Sex Hormones”

- Production in Reproductive-age Women

- Production in Men / Post-menopausal Women

Estrogen Production Site Chart

-Estrogen Metabolism

-Activity / Concentration in Tissues

Circulating Estrogen Levels

Estrogen Elimination

Estrogen Receptors (ER-α; ER-β)

ERs and Cancer

Transport and Availability

-Symptoms of High or Low Estrogen

- Estrogens and PROGESTERONE in Lifestage Events

SPECIFIC Estrogens



-ESTRIOL (E3) –Weak / Protective

Health Benefits of Topical ESTRIOL

ESTRIOL Supplementation

- Comparative Strengths


-Health Effects in Body

-Estrogen HRT is NOT necessary

-Estrogen's Role in Fat burning and storage



- In Women

- In Men

- Estrogen and PROGESTERONE - Yin/Yang

-Health Problems

- Why has ED become so prevalent?

- Xenoestrogens –”Endocrine Disruptors”

Xenoestrogen Chart

- Solutions to overcome ED

REDUCE Estrogen

REDUCE Estrogen levels

- DIM - Estrogen blocker with Anti-Cancer Benefits

DIM Supplementation

-Magnesium /B-Vits Aid Liver's E clearance

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Hormones –“Feel Good, Look Good”

ESTRIOL (E3) - The WEAK, Protective Estrogen

ESTRIOL (E3) –The WEAK, protective estrogen

Supplementing ESTRIOL

Estrogen Receptor (ER) Considerations

Estrogen receptors have been identified in the vulva, vagina, bladder, urethra, pelvic floor musculature, and endopelvic fascia.

Number ofERsvaries by location:

✔ Vaginal epithelium has highestERconcentration –also, the vaginahas a high ER : PR ratio; in contrast,the vulva has high PR : ER ratio;

✔ Cervix, uterine body and fallopian tubes - have high ER density

ERandPRconcentration remains stable postmenopause - but AR (androgen receptor) concentration decreases by about half


PROGESTERONE - To prevent hormone imbalance, any supplemental estrogen should be used together withwith Natural PROGESTERONE. According to Dr. Lee, most women become deficient in PROGESTERONE long before estrogen levels drop to the point of causing symptoms.

Vitamin E - administered at 400 IU / day with ESTRIOL therapy will improve ESTRIOL activity and effectiveness


Use 0.5 mg - 0.75 mgtopical or intravaginal ESTRIOL /day or just a few times a week – responding to amount needed to control symptoms. See ESTRIOL Health Benefits for doses used in studies for specific problems.

Take a break from using ESTRIOL at the same time you take a break from PROGESTERONE –E.g. If you are postmenopausal or have had a hysterectomy, you use PROGESTERONE for only 3 weeks out of the month

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